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Potato and mushroom gnocchi with porcini, goat butter with thyme

Another wonderful Italian recipe by Chef Daniele Zennaro: potato and mushroom gnocchi with Porcini, goat butter with Tyme!

Gluten Free recipe from Chef Vecio Fritolin

Our young and talented chef, Daniele Zennaro is ranked among Italy’s top chefs contributing to or participating in important shows, manifestations and cook books. Here you’ll find one of the recipes created by Daniele for Italy’s first gluten free cookbook, Gluten Free d’Autore: 12 menus 12 chefs.   While gluten is certainly off-limits for celiacs, it’s being limited by many people today, because once they’ve tried gluten free, they find themselves feeling much more energetic. As demand for gluten free products […]

Christmas 2013 Menu at the Vecio Fritolin

The Chef presents the Vecio Fritolin Christmas 2013 Menu Christmas is upon us and, at the Vecio Fritolin, preparations have begun for the Christmas 2013 Menu! No fixed Christmas menu at the Vecio! You will find a special menu for Christmas 2013, with old traditions skilfully revisited by the chef, adding his personal touch to enhance the best Venetian specialities. And, as is customary at the Vecio Fritolin, everything is à la carte even at Christmas! Our festive menu is […]

Eating Out in Venice

Where to Eat in Venice??? At the Vecio Fritolin, a full menu for only 28 Euros! Many tourists ask where they should go to eat in Venice! Furthermore, the city is renowned for being very expensive, so choosing where to eat out in Venice can be a real worry for both Italian and foreign tourists who are visiting here! We want, right here and now, to dispel the myth that Venice is some ostentatious, expensive city only enjoyed by the […]

Parmesan Eggs

Parmesan Eggs The Vecio Fritolin introduces ‘Unreal Eggs’ made from Parmesan cheese! New on the Spring Menu 2013 To look at, it would seem to be a simple fried egg, with crispy bacon and the perfume of a few basil leaves. Not at all! Instead, this is the latest creation of our chef! A delicious experiment in haute cuisine which is flying off the plates at the Vecio Fritolin, a huge success in Venice and on-line! This dish actually contains […]