Christmas 2013 Menu at the Vecio Fritolin

The Chef presents the Vecio Fritolin Christmas 2013 Menu

Christmas is upon us and, at the Vecio Fritolin, preparations have begun for the Christmas 2013 Menu! No fixed Christmas menu at the Vecio! You will find a special menu for Christmas 2013, with old traditions skilfully revisited by the chef, adding his personal touch to enhance the best Venetian specialities. And, as is customary at the Vecio Fritolin, everything is à la carte even at Christmas! Our festive menu is full of antipasti, first courses and mains of meat or fish, all inspired by this Christmas 2013.

Vecio-Fritolin-Christmas-2013-Menu-ScallopsLet’s see what’s cooking: antipasti

The Christmas 2013 Menu opens with some delicately flavoured antipasti. For those who love Venetian specialities, traditional Creamed Baccalà (salted cod) and Sarde in a typical Venetian Sweet and Sour Sauce! For the more adventurous palates, looking to explore new flavours and combinations, a further three alternatives! The first dish is Grilled Scallops with Aubergines and Caviar (photo): the freshest, shelled scallops, grilled on a metal plate to give a crispy outside, with a soft and tender centre. The grilled scallops are then laid on a bed of coarse aubergine purée. The finishing touch of aromatic caviar gives the dish an added dimension.

Alternatively, the chef recommends the delicate Caramote Prawn Carpaccio with Early Winter Chicory Salad and Carrot Juice: a brightly coloured dish, with marinated and thinly-sliced raw caramote prawn and winter chicory sweetened with carrot juice.

For those who prefer meat dishes, the Chef recommends his sweet and sour interpretation of Chicken Livers with Apple and Tangerine.

veciofritolin-tower-christmasFirst courses of Radicchio Rice Tower or Tagliolini in Broth

The first course of Christmas lunch or dinner, as we all know, should never be underestimated. At the Vecio Fritolin, you are simply spoilt for choice. Try something different, such as the Spaghetti with Lemon-infused Cuttlefish, which combines the taste of the sea with the sharp tang of citrus. Or why don’t you let yourself be tempted by Chef’s very latest creation: the Treviso Radicchio Rice Tower on a bed of Grana Padano Fondue (photo on left), a robustly flavoured, winter dish full of the flavours of Northern Italy: the 18-month Grana Padano is poured in the bottom of the plate, with the Treviso radicchio rice tower placed delicately on top. Decorated with fresh radicchio leaves. Beautiful to behold and delicious to eat! (Watch the Recipe Video)

If you prefer a more classic dish, Chef recommends the Capellini d’Angelo (angel’s hair) in a Braised Vegetable Broth (photo below). This may seem a simple Italian recipe, but our Chef has included a hidden extra: his braised vegetable broth has the added ingredient of flaked ‘ghiozzo’. Ghiozzo, or ‘ in the Venetian dialect, is the goby fish, which is meaty and full of flavour, though rarely seen in the kitchen because it is particularly full of bones. It is the perfect fish for broths and soups, such as our capellini d’angelo. Chef  finishes the dish with a further personal touch: daikon. As a lover of unusual flavours, our Chef uses daikon, a mild East Asian radish, added raw, à la julienne and lightly dressed.


Flavoursome Main Courses

Main courses worthy of applause, including the Roasted Gurnard, a salt-water fish with firm, tasty, white flesh, also known as the sea robin. The gurnard is cooked in the oven with fresh vegetables, then served with a delicate celery and turnip purée and a pistachio crème. Keeping with fish, we also recommend the Poached Umbrine with Ginger and Roast Pumpkin, or the Vecio Fritolin classic, the Mixed Fried Fish: freshly caught, straight from the Mercato di Rialto to your table, it is the dish for which the Vecio Fritolin is internationally-known. The ‘fritturina’ is served with fresh vegetables and a light, toasted polenta, typical of the Venice region. Those who prefer meat can savour the Braised Pork Shanks with Prunes and Potatoes; a classic dish reworked by Chef, who adds the rich sweetness of prunes and a final touch of lemon thyme.

Would you like a dessert?

Vecio Fritolin Venezia puddings Christmas-2013

As far as our sweets are concerned, we recommend that you try a bit of everything, seeing as all our bread and pastry is home made; you simply cannot miss our very own, traditional Italian ‘Pandoro’ and ‘Panettone’. We have many original takes on traditional Christmas sweets, accompanied by chocolate crème, ice cream and fruit! What’s more, our Chef also creates his own seasonal desserts, and our Christmas menu features ‘Inverno‘ (Winter; photo on left), a meeting of chocolate with green apple sorbet, with an almond biscuit on cinnamon cream, all with the aroma and lingering taste of Grappa Nonino.

But we must also mention the warmth of the atmosphere at the Vecio Fritolin: inside the restaurant, the décor is that of an unseen and ancient Venice, with hues of red and orange: You will also find the kindness and hospitality of the owner, Irina Freguia, Venetian born-and-bred, who has made her work her passion in life. Irina will know how to help you make the right menu choices according to your tastes and, if you are just passing through, she will be happy to give you advice about all the best and most beautiful things to see and do in Venice.

Don’t miss the Venetian festive celebrations at the Vecio Fritolin!

Treat yourself to Christmas at the Vecio Fritolin; bid a romantic farewell to the passing year and give a dynamic welcome to the year 2014.

What else is there to say? Buon appetito and a very Happy Christmas!!!

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