Eating Out in Venice

Where to Eat in Venice??? At the Vecio Fritolin, a full menu for only 28 Euros!

Many tourists ask where they should go to eat in Venice! Furthermore, the city is renowned for being very expensive, so choosing where to eat out in Venice can be a real worry for both Italian and foreign tourists who are visiting here! We want, right here and now, to dispel the myth that Venice is some ostentatious, expensive city only enjoyed by the rich!
It is possible to eat out in Venice without spending a fortune, and that does not mean making do with a sandwich, nor having to travel far away from the wonderful old city centre! Taking into account the needs and demands of today’s tourists, the historic Venetian restaurant, the Vecio Fritolin, has created a special menu that allows customers to sample the traditional food of one of the most beautiful Italian cities, whilst still spending less than 30 Euro ! The restaurant owner, Irina Freguia, and her head chef, had been thinking for a while of offering their customers an original, true tasting menu; the opportunity to stop and enjoy the flavours of the best typical local dishes, tasting traditional food that has shaped the culinary history of Venice. Hence the creation of Tasting Venice, a two-course menu full of Venetian traditions.

Naturally, the central food on the menu is fresh fish from the nearby Mercato di Rialto, which takes us back to the Vecio Fritolin of the 1700s, and those fishermen who, after a day out at sea, would get in to harbour and meet up in the tavern for a glass of wine and a scartosso di pesse fritto (paper cone of fried fish). The menu tells the story of the city of Venice. Two absolute musts on the menu are the baccalà (salted cod) and the ‘sarde in saor’ (sweet and sour sardines), accompanied by a crispy polenta cake and the classic scartosso di pesse fritto, though served on a plate and to be savoured with every tasty morsel. The menu also includes a glass of one of our regional Venetian wines to complete the Tasting Venice experience.

Tasting Venice is a menu of typical Venetian dishes, a meal that is light, yet full of flavour. It is the perfect lunch, served from 12 to 2pm, allowing you take a break and sample the best of traditional Venetian cuisine for just 28 Euros!

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