Rediscover the traditional Venetian cuisine

On the table of the Vecio Fritolin, traditional Venetian cuisine restaurant, you can find the best farm-to-table products, fresh and seasonal. Fish, meat, vegetables: Irina Freguia, patronne of the restaurant, selects them herself everyday, at the Rialto Market, one of the most ancient places of the city, only 100 m from the restaurant.

Between the main dishes that you can always taste in the menu, revisited in different ways following the season: the fritolin (mixed fried fish), the baccalà mantecato ( dried cod fish) with polenta, and the sarde in saor ( typical Venetian sardines).

At the Vecio Fritolin all is fresh and mostly home made, like the sourdough bread with stone-ground flour, the crackers and the homemade desserts.

And tasty food food served in a creative and original way is not the only good thing you can find in the restaurant, that offers a wide selection of wines in its menu, with more than 130 wine labels, emphasising the indigenous vines of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige.

The menu of the restaurant changes with the seasons and is often revisited with new fresh monthly products and the catch of the day. If you want to taste a little bit of everything and don’t know what to choose, at lunch time you can find our tasting menu, that always accompanies our à la carte menu.

chef najada

Discover more about Chef Najada

The talented new chef of the Vecio Fritolin, Najada Frasheri, loves to compare her creations to the Madeleines of Proust: with her innovative cuisine that reinvents the flavours of the Venetian tradition, she wants to communicate her guests tastes, colours and aromas able to bring back to life old memories and feelings of the past.

Italo-albanian, raised in Castel dell’Aquila in Umbria, in a countryside reality made of real genuine products, where cooking is a value transmitted from generation to generation, she shows a deep love for cooking since she is a kid, learning the art by herself with trials and experiments.

From here she soon lands the first experiences in the professional environment, and the soon to be chef, starts to learn on the job, in a journey that brings her to work in Italy and abroad, perfecting her technique, becoming Masterchef and obtaining the title of “Dama del Cavalierato” with the famous culinary association, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

In 2018 Najada joins the team of the Vecio Fritolin, with a great desire to transmit to her guests the ancient values of the traditional Italian cuisine, revisited with creativity and passion.