The freshest seasonal and local ingredients shine on the tables of Vecio Fritolin. Irina Freguia selects fish, meat, vegetables with care each day at the Rialto market, one of the city’s oldest and just a hundred metres away. In our restaurant, you can enjoy specialities that are unique in the world such as moeche, moulting crabs, whose flesh is so tender, available in spring and autumn, and masanete, female crabs in the shell, that are full of eggs in late summer. You’ll find the finest local traditional favourites like stockfish, sarde in saor and mixed deep-fried fish and vegetables accompanied by squares of grilled white polenta.

The organic vegetables from the islands of Sant'Erasmo and Vignole are naturally delicious: the magical combination of soil, lagoon water and the iodine in the atmosphere imparts uniquely intense flavours. You must try the purple artichoke, available for only about ten days each year, and the spring mixed greens, an exquisite blend of lettuces, herbs and perfumed flowers.

All the dishes of Vecio Fritolin find a unique expression: the bread is naturally leavened with stone-milled flour, our breadsticks are made by hand, our pasta is bronze drawn every day and all our desserts are homemade.

The traditional and à la carte menu meets every wish, featuring primarily fish but also gives a nod to carnivores. We also devote great attention to the dietary needs of our vegetarian, vegan and celiac guests.

Come for a visit and let us guide you in discovering the secret tastes of Venice!