Veciofiritolin-after-eight-basilico-marasche-fume - Ristorante Vecio Fritolin

Summer temptations in the new menus

Summer has knocked to our door as well; our chefs Pierluigi Lovisa and Raffaele Minute have welcomed it by dedicating to this season many new journeys of flavour. Here is a taste of freshness, colour and lightness. Let yourself be tempted by the Raw purple Sicilian shrimps, with pineapple, black salsify and tonka beans. Also, if you are a vegan, you can lose yourself in the Labyrinth and Ariadne's Thread, a special salad of our design. Then, you may savour the rich taste of the sea in the "Maltagliati" spelt pasta with crab sauce and seaweed, or in our fish, depending on what's available on the market. Among the desserts, the Basil After Eight, with marasca cherries and fumé sensation will leave a beguiling memory of Vecio Fritolin in your mouth. If you come to visit us at lunch time, your dilemma will be a choice among our traditional dishes, our creative ones or the 35,00 euro menu. The last one comprises Sant'Erasmo's salad, our market's fish mixed fry and a glass of wine or a beer from our premium Zago selection. Hungry now? Get your reservation right away!