Vecio-fritolin-portacandele - Ristorante Vecio Fritolin

The magic of glass in the customized candle-holders

At Vecio Fritolin we love hospitality coming from the heart. We take care of the minimal details in the environment, as well as in the kitchen, to satisfy the gaze of those who spend some time in our company.
Just one emblematic example: the choice of a piece of furniture like candle-holders. Mauro Vianello shaped them for us. This Venetian craftsman and artist used the lampworking technique to create a glass zoo made of stones, enamels and precious metals. This ancient, surprising technique gave life to our fish-logo, enclosed by a transparent glass cylinder illuminated by two candles. On each table shines a small handmade masterpiece, reflecting the intense bond with our Venice. Watch the video to see the master in action and find out how a red fish is born.