Today, fresh fish from the market

Let’s spend a moment to see up close how our seafood dishes are made. Behind the colors, the textures and the aroma that we bring on your table lies a passionate work of research that starts every day at dawn, in the fish market of Rialto. Irina and the chefs of Vecio Fritolin always stop in this place of the city so rich with history and authenticity, where you can still see the inscriptions with the regulatory measures for fishes that were used back in the days of the Serenissima. The bond of trust that we have with the traders allows us to get an enormous variety of fresh fish: turbot, maigre, John Dory, sea bass, swordfish, prawns, scallops, and of course dried cod. Such precious raw materials are then shaped by the creativity and technique of our chefs into masterworks for eyes and taste buds. Here are some proposals, just to make your mouth watery: Maigre with gingerbread, organic vegetables, cherry and beet sauce. Or John Dory, beet, cherry and Sant’Erasmo’s salad. We are waiting for you, to enjoy together Rialto’s catch of the day!