Gnocchi Di Patate Dolci Con Farcia Di Ortica- Nocciole Tostate- Emulsione Di Spugnole E Acqua Faba - Ristorante Vecio Fritolin

We are vegan-friendly!

The Vecio Fritolin cuisine satisfies all tastes. Are you vegan and wish a unique, mouth-watering experience in the city of love, art and music? Then come and try the vegan proposals by our chefs Pierluigi Lovisa and Raffaele Minute! Flavours, colours, fragrances and so much healthy foods await you, made of seasonal and local ingredients. Take a look at the à la carte menu: Let's start with the starter, Next stop, Rialto Market: fresh vegetables from the Rialto market in different textures. Among the first courses, taste the delicacy of the Sweet Potato Dumpling, Nettle and Morels emulsion, then go to the Sant'Erasmo Greenhouse: Vegetable ground, Purple potatoes mousse and Jerusalem artichokes, an original second course that eliminates any prejudice on poor appealing vegan dishes. To close in sweetness, let yourself be conquered by the beautiful Small fruit tarts. We are waiting for you!