A brilliant interpreter of Vecio Fritolin’s rigorously Venetian and local culinary thinking, Irina Freguia chose Pierluigi Lovisa to take the reins of the restaurant. The chef accepted her invitation with enthusiasm: directing a historic establishment, reviewed in guides from around the globe, seemed the worthy crowning of forty years working at the Serenissima’s great restaurants and the hotels in Paris and Zurich. His refined, light and sensory-charged cuisine draws generously on the scents and flavours of the countryside, to express the best as he experiments with the freshest raw fish.

His art of cutting fruit and vegetables according to oriental techniques creates small masterpieces of gentle imagination. With Pierluigi Lovisa, Vecio Fritolin swims in the sea of contemporaneity in search of novelty.

In this quest, he is accompanied by the young Raffaele Minute, who hails from Belluno like his teacher and mentor, and has trained in the fine restaurants of Bergamo and Venice and guardian of local culture. His contribution to desserts raises the creative level of Vecio Fritolin: just consider his totally original meringue with fermented garlic and beer with goat's milk ice cream. On the palate it reveals a waltz between simplicity and charm, authenticity and sumptuousness.