Irina Freguia

opens the doors of her restaurant

Irina Freguia embodies the soul of Vecio Fritolin: this courageous woman has poured all of her love for catering, contact with the public and Venice into her restaurant. Irina’s smile, energy and friendly manner are the main ingredients you will appreciate in this centuries-old establishment. Her motto is "explore the new with one foot solidly planted on the ground to remind us who we are and where we’re from". And so, in the late 1980s, Irina bade farewell to years of office work to focus on what makes her happy: food and hospitality. After various experiences in Venetian bars and cafés, she was bewitched by Vecio Fritolin, a historic establishment in Rialto, and gave it new birth. With the desire to look ahead and seek the unusual, she brought her idea of culinary experience to light: recipes shouldn’t be followed blindly, but interpreted and enhanced without ever altering their essence. Responding to a rapidly changing world and sensitive to her guests’ curiosity about the original flavours and juxtapositions, Irina will win you over with her large and constantly changing Venetian recipe book.