Taste Venice in a contemporary version

Vecio Fritolin’s ties with Venetian tradition start with the establishment’s historic name.

Since the 18th century, locals have been drawn to this ancient fried-food shop by the smell of freshly fried fish, served in the typical “yellow” paper.

Today, things have changed: the owner Irina Freguia and her two chefs, Pierluigi Lovisa and Raffaele Minute, have won the difficult challenge of cultivating right in the historic centre of Venice cuisine drenched in local flavours, but open to contemporary lightness, beauty and deliciousness. Ingredients from the sea, land and sky are combined with the extraordinary wealth of Venetian culinary influences and traditions in elegant and astounding remakes.

The winning cards are the proprietor’s enterprising mentality, and friendship and cooperation among all the professionals working at the restaurant.

Here, the need to evolve and to take up new challenges in harmony at every level really makes us stand out.

If, like us, you believe that the art of cooking requires time and sincere passion, please sit at our table and taste the flavours of old Venice in fresh new versions: it will be a real feast!